Pokemon Go lands in Indian court for "blasphemous" eggs in temples

Popular mobile app game Pokemon Go was accused in an Indian court Wednesday of hurting religious sentiments by showing eggs in Hindu and Jain temples.

The Gujarat High Court has asked the makers of the game, US-based Niantic Inc., and India's federal and state governments to respond to the charges within four weeks, NDTV news channel reported.

The case has been filed by Alay Anil Dave of Ahmedabad, who says eggs are banned from temples of Hindus and Jains, many of whom are vegetarians.

"To find eggs in temples of Hindus and Jains is blasphemous, and therefore my client has sought a ban on the game from the country," the petitioner's lawyer Nachiket Dave was quoted as saying by NDTV.

Pokemon Go has not been released in India but players can access it on their phones through roundabout methods.

In the augmented reality game, players can collect eggs, which hatch into the collectable Pokemon creatures after they have walked a certain distance while playing.

The Gujarat court's notice fetched some criticism on Twitter. "Would be funny if such frivolous cases didn't clog our judicial system," lawmaker Shashi Tharoor posted on Twitter.

"Gujarat wants to ban Pokemon Go because it has eggs in it," posted another Twitter user @meownologue. "I really really hope they are asked to make an omelette in court to prove it."

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