Tesla-inspired tourism project presented

A new tourism product, called "Valley of Light and Water", connecting the cities of Zagreb, Karlovac and Ozalj, and the route "With Tesla through the city of light and water", to be introduced on July 9, were presented earlier this week in Zagreb on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the birth of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

The Valley of Light and Water route is inspired by Tesla, his personal preoccupations - art, healthy lifestyle, physical activity, nature and the harmony of body and mind, and it includes a visit to Ozalj and its hydroelectric power plant, built in 1908 as the first continental hydro-power plant in the country. It still operates and is the only hydro-power plant in the country operating with its original equipment.

"Apart from being an industrial facility producing electricity, it is also a monument of industrial architecture which we recommend all guests and visitors should see," said Ozalj Mayor Gordana Lipsinic.

The Valley of Light and Water event combines cultural and artistic events, active tourism and food tourism.

The route "With Tesla through the city of light and water" offers a tour of the city of Karlovac as it was in Tesla's time, combining historical landmarks and two key energy locations. It presents Zvijezda - the oldest and central part of Karlovac, the history of the local education system, the city's residents, its strategic and cultural importance, and its rivers. It also includes a presentation of local food products and school tours with special programmes, to be introduced as of this autumn.

The head of the Karlovac Gymnasium, Damir Mandic, said that Karlovac influenced Tesla in terms of education and that the Karlovac Gymnasium, the place where Tesla obtained his only diploma, was in his time one of the most important educational institutions in the region. 

The project events in Zagreb include programmes in the city's central square and at the Technical Museum, recently named after Tesla.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic said Tesla was one of the greatest scientists and inventors in the history of technological development of humankind, noting that the project placed emphasis on connecting cities and countries where Tesla lived or was educated and worked.

Last update: Sun, 27/03/2016 - 18:18

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