Knife attacker kills Israeli girl and is shot dead in settlement

A young Palestinian with a knife infiltrated a Jewish settlement on the southern West Bank, entered a house and stabbed an Israeli girl in her bed, before being shot dead by a security patrol team Thursday, the military and witnesses said.

The girl, aged around 13, was declared dead after repeated resuscitation efforts failed, a spokeswoman for Jerusalem's She'arei Zedek hospital, Shoham Rubio, said.

An Israeli man aged around 30, who was a member of a security team that patrols the settlement, was also seriously injured with both stabbing and gunshot wounds sustained during the attempt to overpower the attacker, first aid officials said.

"A short while ago a terrorist infiltrated and stabbed a civilian in the community of Kiryat Arba. The attacker was shot, resulting in his death," a military statement said. "Two civilians were wounded and are being evacuated to a hospital for further medical treatment."

"After infiltrating the community, the terrorist entered a home and stabbed a teenage girl in her bedroom. Security personnel arrived at the home and shot the attacker. During the exchange one of the security personnel was stabbed," the military added.

Israel and the Palestinian areas have suffered a wave of violence since October, including dozens of knife attacks launched by Palestinians protesting the ongoing occupation and perceived Israeli violations - denied by Israel - at a disputed Jerusalem holy site. 

The violence had appeared to have calmed down for several weeks, until two Palestinians killed four Israelis in a shooting attack in early June.

Last update: Thu, 30/06/2016 - 11:07

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