More than 5,000 migrants staying in Slovenian reception centres

 More than 5,000 persons are staying in transit centres for refugees in Slovenia and on Wednesday morning refugees continued crossing the green border from Croatia, often without prior announcement and uncontrollably, Slovenian police sources said.

At 6 am there were 5,237 persons in reception centres for migrants and most of them were staying at a tent settlement in Sentilj, close to the border with Austria, while others were staying in a trade fair building in Gornja Radgona and in a barracks in Vrhnika near Ljubljana.

Slovenian police said that during the night, around 20 buses brought around 1,000 refugees and migrants to Paradiz without prior announcement. They were accepted there and then accommodated in reception centres. The reception centre at Brezice, where there was a large number of migrants, has been emptying slowly because migrants are taken by train to Sentilj, where they are temporarily accommodated in the tent settlement set up there.

The police in Maribor said that Austrian border authorities this morning at the Sentilj border crossing accepted 180 migrants who had arrived in Slovenia from Croatia earlier. Austrian authorities last night, however, refused to take in 19 migrants and they were sent back by train to Jesenice and on to Ljubljana. They have the right to stay in Slovenia because they have been registered by Slovenian authorities.

Another 115 migrants travelling by train from Slovenia to Germany, mostly families with children from Syria and Lebanon, were sent back to Slovenia by Austrian authorities on Tuesday.

Last update: Sat, 24/10/2015 - 19:37

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