Pokemon no go at Thai polling stations

Thailand's military government has said that Pokemon Go players should refrain from playing the game near polling stations as Thais vote on a constitutional referendum on Sunday. 

The popular mobile-application game was launched in Thailand a day before the referendum and quickly soared to the top of the app store for both IOS and Android devices. 

"People should refrain from playing the game near polling stations even if a 'rare' Pokemon should appear there," Election Commissioner Supachai Somcharen said ahead of the vote. 

The game involves players using the application to search for Pokemon, rare cartoon monsters, around real life geographical locations. 

The game has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon, nearly doubling the stock price of brand-owner Nintendo overnight. 

Despite its popularity, reports of accidents caused by unwary Pokemon Go players have made headlines around the world. 

Last update: Sun, 07/08/2016 - 09:45

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