Typhoon Mindulle hits northern Japan, inundates towns

Typhoon Mindulle pounded the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Tuesday, inundating towns and disrupting local transport.

Around 9,300 residents were ordered to evacuate their homes in six municipalities on the island mainly due to flooding, while 431 train services and 12 flights were cancelled due to the bad weather, Hokkaido Newspaper reported.

The Japan Meteorological Agency was still warning of mudslides, swollen rivers and strong winds even after the ninth typhoon of the season moved out to sea.

The typhoon later weakened to a tropical depression as it passed over the Sea of Okhotsk, the agency said.

Typhoon Mindulle left one person dead and dozens injured in the greater Tokyo area and caused the cancellation of more than 500 flights on Monday.

It is the first time that three typhoons have made landfall on Hokkaido in the same year, the agency said.

On Sunday, Typhoon Kompasu made landfall on the eastern part of Hokkaido, inundating towns and killing one person. Typhoon Chanthu struck the island directly on Wednesday.

Typhoons usually hit western and southern regions of Japan during summer and autumn.

Last update: Tue, 23/08/2016 - 09:34


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