Report: Turkish police kill Islamic State suspect who plotted attack

Turkish police thwarted a suicide bombing when they killed a suspected Islamic State supporter during a raid and shootout in Ankara, the Dogan news agency reported Wednesday, citing the governor...

Two suicide bombers blow up car during Ankara police operation

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in a car on Saturday in the Turkish capital Ankara after police tried to search the vehicle, according to Ercan Topaca, the governor of Ankara.

Moody's ratings agency downgrades Turkey to junk

Ratings agency Moody's has cut Turkey's key bond ratings to what is effectively junk status, citing risks including slowing economic growth.

Security officer thwarts knife attack at Israeli embassy in Turkey

A Turkish security officer on Wednesday shot a knife-wielding man as he tried to attack another guard near Israel's embassy in Ankara, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Turkish army continues to pound northern Syria amid strong US rebuke

Turkish forces continued to pound 21 targets in northern Syria, the private Dogan news agency reported on Tuesday, amid a sharp rebuke from the United States over Ankara's actions against Kurdish...

Merkel: I am also chancellor for Turks in Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Turks living in Germany against importing the political tensions that have gripped Turkey following last month's failed military coup, and called on them to...

Berlin stresses anti-terror partnership with Ankara fearing fresh row

Berlin attempted on Wednesday to head off the renewed tensions with Turkey after Ankara lashed out at a confidential German government document accusing the nation of promoting radical Islamic...

Turkey asks Germany to clarify "Islamist platform" claim after leak

Turkey called on Germany for clarification Wednesday, after a confidential government document leaked to the German press referred to the country as a "central platform" for Islamist groupings....

Turkey pledges no gaps in child sex abuse laws amid criticism

Turkey pledged Monday that there would be no gaps in its laws meant to protect children from sexual abuse, following domestic and international criticism of a top court's ruling which annulled...

Turkey wants crackdown on Gulen supporters in Berlin, mayor says

Turkey has tried to extend its post-coup crackdown to Berlin and influence the city's politics, the Berlin mayor told the Sunday edition of popular German tabloid Bild.

After Turkey's 1980 military dictatorship, no desire for a repeat

As a prisoner after the 1980 putsch in Turkey, Huseyein Esenturk suffered torture and the deaths of his friends. He's proof that being against a coup in Turkey doesn't automatically mean backing...

Two constitutional court judges removed as Turkey purge spreads

Turkey removed two constitutional court judges on Thursday, as the government earlier in the day expanded its purge of suspects following the recent attempted coup to include the country's...

Turkey arrests "tip of the iceberg" as purge spreads to business

The Turkish government on Thursday expanded its purge of suspects following the recent attempted coup to include the country's business community, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the...

German political leaders rule out early visa-free travel for Turks

German political leaders have ruled out the European Union granting Turkey visa-free travel until Ankara fulfills certain requirements.

Turkey declares July 15 day to commemorate martyrs of attempted coup

The 15th of July, the day an attempted coup began in Turkey, has been designated as a day to commemorate martyrs, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday.