Hillary Clinton

Clinton has tens of millions more to spend in final weeks of election

Democrat Hillary Clinton has tens of millions more dollars to spend in the final weeks of the US election than Republican rival Donald Trump.

US State Department releases more Clinton emails

The US State Department on Friday released 112 emails from Hillary Clinton's email account that had been recovered during an FBI investigation into her use of a private email server.

Trump vows to "totally accept" election result if he wins

Republican candidate Donald Trump said Thursday he would accept the results of the US presidential election if he wins, doubling down on his comments in the final presidential debate that cast...

Trump plans to maintain "suspense" on accepting US election result

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump refuses to say he will concede the US election if he loses to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump's conspiracy claims expected to ring throughout debate

The third and final debate between US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place Wednesday in Las Vegas, and odds are it will generate a great deal of interest even though...

Assange's internet cut after leak of Clinton documents

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had his internet access cut off after his platform leaked documents about US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the website said Monday.

Poll: Most Republicans fear election could be stolen

A majority of Republicans say they fear the presidential election could be "stolen" from the party's candidate, Donald Trump, according to a poll released Monday.

Trump calls Saturday Night Live portrayal of him "hit job"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to vent his anger about the portrayal of him on US sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Trump calls for Clinton to take drug test

Republican Donald Trump called Saturday for Hillary Clinton to take a drug test before the candidates face off in their third debate next week.

Trump's targets in Ohio: Clinton, the establishment and the media

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's rally in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio was packed and passionate. He blasted his opponent and directed his fury at the media. A short distance away,...

Erdogan slams Clinton's "political dilettantism" for Kurd comments

Turkey's president has criticized US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's "political inexperience" for her comments on arming Kurdish rebels in the fight against Islamic State.

Verdict in Ohio from Women for Trump: Clinton was smug, Trump shone

Women for Trump, a group that formed about two months ago over the perception that women voters were not behind the candidate, are keeping the faith in Trumbull County, Ohio. On debate night it...

Trump and Clinton clash over "locker room talk"

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wasted no time in their second debate Sunday night before talking about the 2005 recording of his lewd talk about groping women, which has...

WikiLeaks publishes alleged excerpts from Clinton speeches to bankers

Emails made public by the website WikiLeaks appear to include details about what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told Wall Street banks in private speeches for which she earned...

Clinton gains 5-point lead over Trump following debate

Democrat Hillary Clinton has gained a five-point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump after last week's first presidential debate, according to an opinion poll published Monday.