Hitler salute is grounds for dismissal, German court rules

A German employment tribunal on Thursday ruled that a Nazi salute is grounds for dismissal after a driver for a patient transfer service filed a legal complaint against his employer.

Study shows Europeans work 19 per cent fewer hours than Americans

Europeans work on average 19 per cent fewer hours per year than Americans, a new study by three economists from the United States, Canada and Germany shows.

Eurozone unemployment stays at 10.1 per cent despite rise in jobless

Unemployment in the eurozone lingered at 10.1 per cent in August - where it's stayed since April this year - despite an overall rise in the number of people out of work, new data showed Friday....

Police count 45,000 at Belgian anti-government demonstration

Around 45,000 people took part Thursday in a national demonstration against the government of Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, police said according to the Belga news agency, while transport...

Cambodia raises garment sector minimum wage to 153 dollars

Cambodia’s Ministry of Labour raised the minimum wage from 140 dollars to 153 dollars per month in its vital garment sector to little fanfare on Thursday afternoon.

Belgian transport hampered as police expect 50,000 at national demo

Transport services across Belgium were severely disrupted Thursday as tens of thousands of people were expected in Brussels to demonstrate against reforms pursued by the centre-right government of...

First all-day strike in 12 years at Hyundai halts production

The first all-day strike by workers at South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor in 12 years halted production completely on Monday.

Alitalia strike cancels dozens of flights

A strike at struggling Italian airline Alitalia led to delays and disruption for passengers on Thursday.

Croatia's job vacancy rate stable at highest level since EU entry

The job vacancy rate in Croatia in the second quarter of 2016 remained stable at its highest level since the country's entry into the European Union, according to figures released by the EU...

HZZ: Demand for seasonal jobs on rise

A 3% rise in seasonal employment was registered in August compared to July, and demand for this type of employment also rose by 3.8%, according to figures provided by the Croatian Employment...

Hundreds of flights cancelled amid French air traffic control strike

European airlines say hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled on Thursday due to a strike by air traffic controllers in France.

Loyalists of Iraq’s influential cleric go on pro-reform strike

Thousands of followers of Iraq's influential Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr went on strike Sunday as part of his campaign to push for government reforms.

Millions of workers strike in India over reforms, wages

Tens of millions of workers and government employees went on a day-long strike across India on Friday, protesting the government's labour reform policies and demanding better pay.

India plans to bring back 10,000 laid-off workers from Saudi Arabia

India plans to bring back some 10,000 of its workers who were rendered jobless in Saudi Arabia, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said Monday.

Air France cancels 900 flights, 150,000 passengers affected

Strikes by Air France flight attendants in the last five days have led to 900 flights being cancelled and 150,000 passengers affected through Sunday.