Norbert Hofer

Austria's far-right candidate raises possibility of EU exit vote

The far-right candidate who has been given a second shot at winning the Austrian presidency said in an interview Saturday that, under certain conditions, his country could hold a referendum on...

Rerun verdict on Austrian presidency vote gives far-right new shot

Austria will have to repeat its presidential election because ballots and voting results were handled improperly, the Constitutional Court ruled Friday, in a historic decision that hands a second...

Austria's far-right Freedom Party challenges presidential poll result

Austria's far-right Freedom Party on Wednesday challenged the presidential poll results and announced it seeks a re-election, alleging widespread voting irregularities.

Far-right candidate concedes defeat in Austrian presidential election

Austria's far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer conceded defeat to Green party rival Alexander Van der Bellen in a post on Facebook on Monday.

Austria, EU hold breath for presidential election outcome

The final result of Austria's presidential election was set to be announced by Monday evening, after Sunday's vote resulted in a dead heat between Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen and his...

Austrians cast presidential votes on rightist, green contenders

Austrians went to the polls Sunday in a presidential election that serves as a bellwether for rising populist sentiments in Europe.

European rightists feel tailwind from Austrian election result

Far-right populist parties in several European countries hailed the victory of the Freedom Party (FPOe) in Austria's first round of presidential elections as a sign of growing support for their...

Where is Austria heading after initial far-right election victory?

Austria could soon get a far-right president if Norbert Hofer also wins the run-off election. The country's centrist parties are already feeling the pressure.

Austrians vote against system: Far right victory in presidential poll

Austrian protest voters propelled far-right candidate Norbert Hofer to a surprise victory in Sunday's first round of presidential elections that spelled a major defeat for the centrist government...