HDSSB: Lumpy skin disease to deal final blow to farming sector

Leaders of the Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) said in Osijek on Sunday that after numerous other problems, lumpy skin disease in cattle would deal the final blow to many...

Int'l cured meats fair opens in Istria

Around 110 exhibitors, including 39 producers of traditional cured meat products from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, gathered for an international salami fair at the Istrian town of Sveti Petar U...

Memorial service held for Serb civilians killed, gone missing in war

"All that has become invisible both in the country and in the Serb community. Some Serbs had returned to Pakrac, but after a few years they opted again to emigrate and to leave, I would say, for...

President blames government for economic woes

Regional policies can be successful only if the state policy is successful," Grabar-Kitarovic said at the City Council session, which marked the Day of Osijek.

HDZ: We will care for impoverished Slavonia and Vukovar

We came to send a message that unlike Ostojic, we will care for this impoverished Slavonia and Vukovar