Serbia solving only simpler problems related to Croat community's status, says Zigmanov

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has started delivering on his promises about the improvement of the status of the Croat community in Vojvodina, but the problems that are being dealt with...

Young ethnic Croat attacked in Vojvodina

A young man from Sonta was brutally beat up in the Vojvodina town of Apatin on Sunday evening and the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina (DSHV) claims that he was a victim of an ethnically...

Ethnic Croats want guaranteed seat in Serbia's parliament

Addressing the press, Foreign Minister Kovac and his interlocutors expressed hope that Serbia's authorities would soon start implementing the bilateral treaty and thus enable the Croats to have at...

Foreign ministry condemns attack on Franciscan guardian in Bac

The Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Ministry on Friday condemned the attack the guardian of the Franciscan monastery in the Vojvodina town of Bac, northern Serbia, and asked that the...

Refugees again using route through Vojvodina

According to local media, over the weekend the Hungarian police caught 150 migrants who had been cutting the barbed wire while trying to enter Hungary illegally. 

Vojvodina prime minister receives Croatia's consul general

The Prime Minister of the Serbian province of Vojvodina and leader of the Democratic Party (DS), Bojan Pajtic, on Tuesday received the newly-appointed Croatian Consul General in Subotica, Velimir...

Radio Subotica to stop airing, Croatian-language programmes affected

"This is the most severe blow to Croatian language news programmes in Vojvodina and Serbia in the last 15 years.

Democratic Alliance of Vojvodina Croats elects new president

Zigmanov succeeded Petar Kuntic who had decided to step down after having been at the helm of the DSHV for three terms, that is since 2004.